Fit Mom

One of my sisters-in-law shared a video with me on Facebook yesterday.  I cried and the tears kept coming the more I watched.  The video is moms working out with their kids around.  This is something I’m very familiar with.  If you’re a mom, you know it’s down right hard being a mom.  You know how much time your kids require of you, but you also know that you want to be the best role model to your kiddos.  There are many times that I have had to push the girls in the stroller when I go for a run, when I’ve had to take them to one of the classes I teach at the gym, or when I can’t find a sitter, but HAVE to get to CrossFit for a workout.  And then, worrying about them not getting hurt while you’re getting your WOD on…well I just thank God that He gave moms the ability to think about and concentrate on more than one thing at a time…all the while still working on ourselves and trying our best to set an example for not only our kids but the others around us too.

Just watch and enjoy…and grab a tissue!


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