When Your Kids Start Growing Up Like You Tell Them To..

Lately my girls have been acting so old!  When did that happen?  I mean after all they are only 4 (almost 5) and 2.  Lila says things to me that I feel like I would be hearing from my friends.  Phrases, comments, songs…she pays way too much attention and remembers more that any human I know.  I wish I had her memory!  I can’t even remember what I wore to work yesterday.  A couple of weeks ago we were watching TV and she said “Well, I wasn’t expecting that”.  It’s just funny to hear certain phases come out of her mouth.


The last two weeks Lila has spent at vacation bible school at two different churches.  It’s always fun to ask her what she learned about that day to see what she was paying attention to.  Tuesday it was Daniel and the Lions.  She knew the whole story.  I was amazed at the detail she gave me.  Last night it was just Jesus…that’s it, no details, just Jesus and how he loves us all the time no matter what.  That’s good enough for me.  🙂  She got on stage last week for Family Night and did the song and dance with the other kids her age which totally surprised me because she’s so my shy child who doesn’t like to do that in front of strangers.  We were so proud.  And I almost cried, several times, the last two weeks just dropping her off.  She was so secure in where she was.  No begging me to stay or 10 hugs and kisses before I left.  Just “I know where my class is Mom”…a kiss and hug and “see ya”.  Where has the time gone??  She’s almost 5!

IMG_3433     IMG_3442

My other sweet girl is just 2 years old, but because she has an older sister sometimes acts like she’s 4 as well.  I can have a conversation with Viv now and know exactly what’s going on.  Full sentences and lots of description always coming from her mouth.  This child loves to dance and sing and totally get her groove on.  She’s very serious about it too.  She is my brave girl, swimming and jumping off the diving board with no fear, not acting like a 2-year-old at all.  She loves to read books.  It’s actually her favorite thing to do and I just hope that she continues to love it.  She reads her favorite books (that she has memorized) with me and can’t wait to get to a part she knows.  She’s so proud when she spouts off the next sentence in the book.  Just looks up at me and grins.

Viv is also my crazy child.  She’s always doing something silly or making a face at me, saying “What in da world?” when something funny happens, oiling up her baby dolls with my empty bottles of essential oils.  The list of “big girl” things that she does goes on and on.
IMG_3447IMG_3405     IMG_2993

All this to say, sometimes I just think to myself (I’m even guilty of saying it out loud sometimes) “why can’t they just grow up?”.  “These fits have GOT to stop!” or “You’re 4 years old.  Act like a big girl!”.  Now I’m getting what I asked for.  The slamming of doors or ughs, coming from Lila’s mouth.  The fact that Viv can take a bath by herself (and quite honestly would prefer to be alone while doing so), or that she can tell me that she doesn’t like a certain food or that she’s mad, all just is so bittersweet.  One of the best things that has come out of all of this is that they can finally play together, like sisters, friends even.  Not to say that it won’t end in a fight…most of the time though. 🙂


Now they’re growing up and all I want them to do is stay little.  Man being a mom is hard and totally confusing!!!! 🙂

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