Thinking About Others in a “Selfie” Generation

Last week I went to an event at a local church where we had a guest speaker.  She spoke to us about the “selfie” generation and how it really means more than just taking a picture of ourselves.  We, as a society, are obsessed with ourselves.  We take pictures of ourselves and post them to every social media site there is with the hopes that we will get more likes than “that other girl”.  She made such a good point that night of how if we are so obsessed with ourselves, how can we possibly be looking to God for everything we should?  Why are we living this life for us and constantly documenting how good we look and what we’re doing that probably isn’t something that is related to giving God the glory.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the funny stories I see about someone’s life or what happened to their kids today, but really shouldn’t we be taking the attention off of ourselves and giving it to God?  He is the one, after all, who gave us this life and these kids we have to give us all the funny things that happen.  You might say that pictures of your kids aren’t really “selfies”, but I think really they are very similar.  They’re YOURS.  LOL  I love to share pictures of my girls, but I’m much more aware now of how blessed we are and try to reflect in the pictures that God is who gave them to me.  I thank Him for that every day.

Speaking of the “selfie” and “that other girl”, more often than not, a picture we post or comments we post to social media has some kind of connection with trying to “one up” someone else.  Why do we always do that?  Of course, I think it’s important to better yourself each day and I really think it’s a good thing to have a role model or mentor of someone to whom you look for examples for bettering yourself, but often times it ends up in a selfish way.  “How can my selfie look better than hers (or his)?”  “What can I do to out-do her as a mom?”  Or my favorite scenario, “nothing good or funny happened to me today, so I’ll just make something up and put it on Facebook because *insert name here* had something good up today and I can’t let her out-do me!”

Instead of trying to one up, why don’t we try to encourage and lift up those women?  Women are so strong and we can be stronger when we all work together.  When I’m at crossfit, we all encourage everyone…doesn’t matter if you get done first or last,  Everyone is important and my gains mean just as much as someone my size that can do twice as much as me.  We all support each other.  It’s funny how different areas of your life relate to others even when you think they have nothing to do with each other.  I never thought I’d compare crossfire to church.  LOL  I know I have my own problems, those internal and those that all the world sees, but I try every day to better myself.  I know that I could use help and I pray for it every day, but couldn’t we all use help from other ladies who have the same things going on.  As I peruse Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram daily, I know that other people out there have their own issues, I’m not the only one.

I am challenging myself to start looking at ways to help others rather than focusing constantly on my “selfie”.  Who’s in it with me??

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