Being a Better Mom

If you’re anything like me, you feel like a complete failure of a mother most of the time.  I feel like my kids don’t listen to me and I’m always having to yell at them to do something.  I think they may be too spoiled, by others…not me, and I feel like I have to make up for that by being extra harsh at home and not giving in to anything.  I lose my temper too easily and bark orders.  The list can go on and on and on.

I found this list on Pinterest from Jules and Co the other day and fell in love it with it.  It made me think about how much love kiddos really have and how even for them, the little things mean so much.  After reading through it about 10 times, I’ve vowed to try to do many of these things to my girls daily.  Some of them I do, but others just look so neat and sweet that I can’t wait to see L and V giggle when I do it to them.

Challenge:  Do this with me.  Let’s enjoy motherhood and take some of the load off ourselves.  Moms don’t always have to be the bad guys.  We can be fun too!

My favorites from her list that my kids are totally used to (and may be sick of):

  • Dancing in the car – if anyone has ever passed me and it looks like I’m having a seizure in the car, I’m just dancing like a fool trying to get my kids to laugh.  If you can see in the back seat, you’ll see that my Vivian is dancing just like I am!
  • Make silly faces
  • Scratch their backs – now this one has backfired on me with Viv because she now demands it every night.  She even has her teachers at daycare doing it for nap time.
  • Give a high-five

Some that I’d like to add to this list:

  • Let them teach me something
  • Ask their advice on what I should wear
  • Play “I Spy”
  • Let them pick all the songs on a small road trip (emphasis on the small LOL)



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