Minimalism – Taking the Plunge

So this is a topic that is pretty trendy these days.  I have been “spring-cleaning” and decluttering for years…literally YEARS…only to find myself doing it EVERY YEAR!  Always discarding multiple trash bags of things, just things, that meant nothing to me, to us, as a family.  It is straight exhausting.  Going through the house twice year, or even quarterly, just to have the same amount of crap to get rid of.

Adding children to this mix doesn’t help things.  In fact, it makes things exponentially worse.  The more people you add to your family, the more potential there is to add more crap to your house.  There are, by default, more birthdays to get gifts, more items at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter…you name it, there are just more opportunity to get gifts.  Not all of them are necessarily things we need either.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love it when my family gives gifts to my kids and my kids love it to, but there has to be a better way!

So I looked it up. I “Pinterested” and “Googled” and…you name it…

I came across minimalism.  I am blessed to have a dear friend who has gone through this in the last couple years.  I immediately went to her in my desperation of “I have to do something for my family”.  I’m tired of ALL. THE. LAUNDRY. of ALL. THE. DISHES. of ALL. THE. TOYS….of ALLLLLLLL THE PICKING UPPPPPPP!!!!!!!  I am just TIRED!!!  My friend, Amie, directed me to a book she read called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  which I found on Amazon.  I also stumbled upon a blog by Allie Casazza.  It was more up my alley.  After watching one webinar she offered, I decided it would be in my family’s best interest to just purchase her online course.  I have NO REGRETS!

I quickly made the decision to lead my family in starting the process to minimalism and I’m excited to where it’s going to take us.  I’m also excited to share this entire process with you!  I’m terrible at taking “Before and After” pictures, but I’m hoping to get better. 🙂

I’m taking it a little at a time as I can’t find all the time I need when my kids are surrounding me.  I started this process about 3 weeks ago and have already made a huge dent in my household.  I am planning on making a second run through at some point to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

Follow our progress here.  I’ll be updating as we progress!!


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