Our Minimalism Adventure – My Closet

A while back I posted about my desire to start my family on the minimalism lifestyle.  I call it an adventure in the title because that’s exactly what it’s been.  I told you in my last post about it (you can read that here), that I’m terrible at taking before and after pictures.  That hasn’t changed, so today I want to mostly just talk about this.

After watching and completing *most* of Allie Casazza’s course, I jumped in.  I started inn my bedroom with my closet.  At the time I started it, I was just in the process of changing out my closet from summer to fall/winter clothes.  Even though I have enough room for all of my clothes now since we moved because our closet is HUGE, I still like to put the off season clothes up because I don’t want them in my way.  🙂  I figured that starting with myself was the best way to approach this because then I’d be able to empathize with my kids when we got to their closets.

I did closet clothes and shoes first.  I say “closet” clothes because that is where my hanging clothes are.  I have more clothes in my dressers in my bedroom that I will get to later.  I typically go through once a season and do the “if I didn’t wear it last year, get rid of it, thing.  I did that this time, but on steroids.  I really dug down and got rid of some things.  I had so much stuff that had been given to me or things I’d bought because “I thought I’d wear it”.  It was embarrassing.  When I was done, I had 3 trash bags of clothes to donate.

Today I went back through my closet and did another mini-purge.  Here are a couple shots of what happened.  Keep in mind that I just purged 3 trash bags in late September/early October so it may not look like I’m getting rid of much.

Before the second purge
After the second purge

You can also take a few minutes to watch the video of what I did and explain (roughly) how I did what I did.  This is one of the first videos I’ve done like this, so bear with me.  🙂



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