DIY Washer & Dryer Pedestal Box

A couple months ago I finally did something that I had been wanting to do since we moved in to our house last year.  I built a box for our washer and drying to sit on to raise them off the floor a bit, but not spend a fortune on the ones that they make that goes with them.  Those things are crazy expensive!!

I really just envisioned a simple box for them to sit on.  I got the lumber I needed and got started.  I took a video of the beginning stages of the project.  Please excuse the garage and the lack of makeup when I was prepping this project.  Here’s a video of how I started.  And excuse the part where I say 1×8.  I meant to say 2×8.

I made a very simple box first.  I put a support board about 3/4 of the way to the back of the box because I couldn’t put a board all the way through the back of the box.  My hose coming from the dryer goes into the floor.  I made partial supports at the back of the box.  Here’s a drawing of my plans as drawn out by my lumber yard guy after I told him my situation.


It was really very simple. Seriously! You can do this!!


I used plywood for the top of the box. I made the frame to go on top.  Here it is flipped upside down.IMG_0237IMG_0238IMG_0239IMG_0240IMG_0241

I then secured the plywood to the frame on all parts of the frame.  I secured 4 times on the front and middle part of the frame and two to each part of the back.


From here, I didn’t take a picture until I got it in place.  I chose to stain it instead of paint it.  I stained it black which I wasn’t sure I would like, but I LOVE it.

I used a jigsaw to cut a circular space where the dryer hose could go into inconspicuously.  I was pretty happy with the outcome.

Props to my husband and brother for helping me get the washer up on the box.  That thing is HEAVY!!!

Have you done anything like this?  Share it with me!!

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