How to Get Gum Out of Hair in 5 Minutes

If you have kids this has probably happened to you.  If you have kids and it hasn’t, it will.  I promise.

One of my family’s favorite stories to tell about my brother when he was a kid was the time he took gum and wrapped it around his head…including his eyebrows.  It’s funny looking back at that situation, but I remember clearly how funny it wasn’t when it happened.  I also remember how much of a task it was to get it out.

So last night when it happened to us, courtesy of our middle daughter, I wasn’t surprised.  My daughter thought the only solution was cutting her hair.  Thankfully her older sister caught her before that happened.  My husband was about to freak out.  This time I was actually the one who was calm, cool, and collective thanks to my essential oils.  This was just another emergency when doTERRA has come to the rescue.

Since citrus oils are very good at dissolving sticky, gooey, oily substances, I grabbed my bottle of lemon oil.  Here’s what the hair looked like when I started.  This is a little better than it was when I walked in the room.  More hair was involved when I initially started.  😦


I just took a few drops of doTERRA lemon oil and put directly on the hair/gum. I let it kind of soak in for a about 10 seconds and then I started with the smallest bunch of gum.  I just pulled at the gum in small sections and added more drops as needed.  I added a few drops of a carrier oil (I used jojoba oil, but any kind of oil would work here if you need it).  I could see and feel the gum dissolving.  I worked it for about 3-4 minutes.  Once the gum was out, I just took a paper towel and wiped the oil out of the hair.

I took a little bit of On Guard foaming hand wash to get the rest of the oil and greasiness out of the hair.  Just sort of washed the section of hair so I didn’t have to wash her whole head at 10:00 at night!  When I got done, it was all out.  It was seriously the easiest task!  I couldn’t believe it only took five minutes!

If you would like more information on how doTERRA Essential Oils can work for you, let me know!  I’d love to share these amazing oils with you!!

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