DIY Table Turned Desk

Last week was a sickly week in our house.  Our oldest had a fever and coughing ALL WEEK.  doTERRA essential oils and even ibuprofen couldn’t kick this fast enough.  When the fever would break, L was fine!  I took advantage of those short amounts of time.  At one point, she even felt good enough to help me turn our old kitchen table into a small desk for my “mini-office” in my closet.  Yes, my closet.

We got a larger table shortly after we moved into our new house and we put this one down in the “play room” for the girls to eat at if they had friends or cousins over, then I eventually moved it to our screened in porch to get it out of the way.  It was in semi good condition, but I didn’t know anyone who needed it.  It just sat there for about 5 months…until last week when I decided I needed a little desk.

I just used an idea of what I had in my head and altered it as needed once I started the project.  My sweet sickly L helped by grabbing my drill, screws, measuring tape, and her favorite part, being the official photographer on the job.

Here is the table before at our old house in our tiny kitchen where it barely fit.

old table


If you are not comfortable with power tools, especially a saw, don’t attempt a DIY like this.

The table had a loose leg so I knew immediately which side of the table needed to go.

  1. I measured what I thought would be plenty deep for the desk and marked the line on the table.

Once I had it measured, I started cutting.  No turning back now! Here is the video Lila took. I foolishly didn’t have any eye protection and it was very windy that day so please disregard how many times I have to stop to get saw dust out of my eyes.

3-1-2018 4-17-28 PM

I sanded the back edge where I made the cut.

3-1-2018 4-20-46 PM

Then I took the legs that I initially removed and a piece of the table that was scrap and secured the two back legs of the together for a little more stability.

I used screws to secure the legs into the desk.  Then I sanded the top.  I will eventually pain the top white, I think.


Have you taken an old table and made it into something new?  What ideas do you have for the other three chairs that went with this table?  Share your projects and ideas in the comments.


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