Adoption: A Beautiful Display of God’s Love

Have you ever asked God for something important to you?  Have you prayed for something that you weren’t sure would ever happen?  How would you deal with a situation if God didn’t immediately give you what you asked for?


This morning, two people that I have become really close with left the country to go pick up their son.  A son they have been trying to adopt for 4 years.  No, I didn’t mistype.  They have been going through the adoption process for 4 years.  This family has been one of the most faithful families I have ever known.  Trial after trial, false hope after false hope, hearing nothing for months, they have persevered.  They knew they were called by God to adopt this boy into their family, just as God has adopted each and every one of us into His family.

This post is short and sweet and has only one purpose, prayer.  I would just like everyone to join me in prayer for them.  Now, as they are out of the country with him and in the next few weeks as they come home and transition him into this new world.  God has been faithful thus far and we know he will continue to be in this process.  Stop where you are and pray for them.  Thanks and God bless.


One thought on “Adoption: A Beautiful Display of God’s Love

  1. I’m praying for them now. I know the desire for Gods answers to prayers for a child. Our journey is not yet done but seeing there’s come to such a amazing end has restored my hope and given me the courage to keep the faith and keep going.


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