7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

I recently PRd (set a personal record) in my half marathon.  A friend of mine *ahem* (my pastor) joked that he wanted to know what that sticker (doTERRA) on the back of my van really was.  That I should get tested for performance enhancing drugs.  We laughed about it, but really…when you give your body what it needs to function properly, it treats you great right back.  Your body is a holy temple.  When you treat it like that, it’s easier to stay healthy and rock life!

Over the past couple months I have jumped back into one of my passions in life, teaching and helping others help themselves through natural wellness and healthcare.  So since I jumped back into that, I’m going to jump right into this post and how you can help your body keep itself healthy throughout the yuckiness of cold and flu season, but really this is something I do year round.  😉

Daily Routine for Immune Support

Lifelong Vitality Pack

If you’re not familiar with doTERRA’s LLV, it’s a multivitamin game changer.  Completely bioavailable, you can be sure you’re getting the best natural vitamins and nutrients available to us.  Nothing synthetic about them.  Everyone should take these….everyone.

On Guard®

This proprietary blend of protective essential oils that contain many of the essential oils we need to help support our body with anti-oxidant protection.  It helps with seasonal and environmental issues that can cause illness.  I either roll this on my body or take it internally every day.  doTERRA makes this very easy because they have an entire line of On Guard® products that provide the support I need.  Check out the On Guard® product line here.

PB Assist®

PB Assist® is probiotics that are super special and way more helpful than a lot of other probiotics on the market.  You can compare the amount of the different bacteria that is in them and it may be the same, but what’s different about these is that they are in a time release capsule.  You want the probiotic’s bacteria to get to your small intestine.  Many capsules on the market release in the stomach and little or sometimes no bacteria actually makes it to where the body needs it to go.  The time release capsule of PB Assist allows the first capsule to open in the stomach from the stomach acid and the inner capsule to be released in the small intestine where it should.  Y’all gut health is everything.  When your gut is not healthy, nothing about your body is healthy.  Everything from your physical health to your emotional health can be out of whack from bad gut health.

Collagen peptides

I use a brand called Vital Proteins.  (I am not affiliated with this brand.)  I put two scoops in my coffee every morning.  I’m not going to go into super detail her, but collagen is great for skin, bones, joints, and even the intestinal system.  Check out this article from Dr. Axe about how important collagen peptides are.

Terrazyme® Digestive Enzymes

I take one Terrazyme® with every meal.  Everyone needs to take digestive enzymes.  Did you know that your body makes its own digestive enzymes?  It does!  Isn’t that amazing?  Did you know that every 10 years your body stops producing 11% of those enzymes?  By the time you’re in you 30s, you’ve lost more than 1/3 of your natural produced digestive enzymes.  When you don’t have the proper amount of digestive enzymes you suffer from things like acid reflux, thinning or falling out hair, concentration or focus problems,  arthritis or joint pain, among so many other issues.

Exercise Regularly

Moving your body is the best way to help your body support itself with a healthy immune response.  So my recommendation is to not get stuck in a rut.  If you run, do more strength.  If you lift weights, do more cardio.  Mix it up.  The best kind of workout for all people is high intensity interval training.  A little strength with some bursts of cardio.  Of course, that’s not the only way, but it’s a great start!

Serenity® Softgels


Serenity softgels are not something I take every night.  I only take them when I need them.  I’m so glad to have these non-habit forming resting softgels.   We also have a proprietary blend of oils called Serenity that can be diffused to assist in restlessness.  A good night’s sleep is so important in our overall health and wellness.

Hop on over to my website and take a look at these products.  If you’re ready to learn more about them, shoot me an email and we’ll get started!

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